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Plugins testing & Phuket

September 27th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Hey all, I’m just doing some testing on some new plugins I’ve installed, so this post doesn’t really contain any terribly interesting information. I’m in Ohio for a week or so before we fly out to Bangkok and then go gallivanting around Southeast Asia for a while. I’m immensely excited to make it back out to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (more) for my third year. This year, however, there’s actually going to be three other friends of mine who are all straight edge and vegan (aka xvx, aka we live by the code) so we’ll all get to experience all of the amazing vegan food at the temples, as well as from the street vendors, and basically get to celebrate our day to day lifestyles with religious devotees who are living our lifestyle for the duration of the festival. Fun times will be had.

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The Wolfman Remake Coming Feb 2010

September 03rd, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

A few days ago, Jana came home and made mention of a new werewolf movie coming out soon. A quick search over at IMDB revealed that a remake of the classic The Wolf Man is due to come out in February 2010.

I, for one, and stoked about this remake. Generally, the remakes of the last 5 or so years have ranged sub-par to downright terrible. I did see Rob Zombie’s interpretation of Halloween 2 and I found it to be a great movie in that it had enough elements of the original to pay homage, was well done, and still had a lot of originality. Anyway, not all remakes are bad, but the good ones are few and far between.

Now back to The Wolfman, I foresee this being a solid remake for several reasons. First of all, it’s Universal Studios remaking a movie that they have the rights to and for a genre of films that they more or less created. This means that they have the ability to make the wolfman look like we are used to them looking instead of creating a new look, and the storyline will be largely familiar to us, even if you haven’t seen the original, simply because the story has become the default werewolf lore. Secondly, Benicio del Toro is the wolf man and I really can’t see him wanting to be involved in a movie that isn’t going to be good. His last movie was Che, a huge undertaking that has a lot of emotions attached to it, and he was fabulous in the title role. I’ve been a fan of del Toro since The Usual Suspects and have rarely been let down. Supporting del Toro are such names as Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins who are no strangers to fantasy/sci-fi/horror movies, as well as Emily Blunt who was quite enjoyable in Sunshine Cleaning. A score by Danny Elfman rounds out my major interests in seeing this film. Hopefully I won’t be let down by this remake.

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