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You Don’t Make Friends with Salad

July 07th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

A friend of mine made a Facebook group entitled “What vegans eat” and I thought it was a funny idea, but also rather true. Anytime I meet people unfamiliar with veganism and I tell them that I don’t consume any animal products, they are immediately confused about what we eat, since there’s no way we can survive without at least dairy. Oh how wrong they are! So, to continue that vein of thought, I figured I’d post up a super easy dinner I prepared tonight for me and Jana and I (thanks for correcting me, Kerri).

The salad is a mix of Boston lettuce and green onions from our garden, spicy greens, carrot, purple broccoli from the local farmer’s market, tempeh bacon and miso & ginger dressing. I sauteed up some morel mushrooms in Earth Balance margarine with fresh garlic and parsley from our garden, and tossed some sugar snap peas in olive oil with thyme and chives from our garden and baked them for a bit.

I know that this meal looks rather like what people expect vegans to eat, eg all salad all the time, but in this sweltering summer heat, I don’t really want to prepare much of anything too involved.

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