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Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Weekend

August 04th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

I decided to be bad today and skip class. I had great intentions, but I got caught up talking to my sister online for a while, which meant I was late taking the dog for a walk, and then I needed to shower cause it’s super humid here in Toronto, and the doggo needed a shower since he’s been itchy, so… Yeah, a lot of excuses for me to not go to class, but in my defense, Wednesdays are short days of just two 2 hour lectures with no attendance requirements. Anyhow, in my spare time today, I’ve gone grocery shopping, taken care of the dog, started on a large assignment for school, and decided to update my blog, so not a total waste of an afternoon.

This last weekend, Jana and I took a long weekend and flew out to Halifax, Nova Scotia to spend some time on the east coast since we had a wedding to attend in Moncton, New Brunswick on Saturday. We flew out Wednesday night, made it safely to Halifax, grabbed our rental car and were off to our hotel, the beautiful Halifax Halliburton. It’s composed of three adjoining heritage houses right in the heart of Halifax, a few blocks from the waterfront. Jana used her online magic and discovered that it was in the same price range as all of the other big box hotels, so she opted, wisely, for this one. Our room was comfortable, with great amenities, and free wifi, which is always a bonus. We crashed out Wednesday night more or less on arrival and spent Thursday walking around Halifax. We saw the Halifax Citadel and enjoyed walking around inside it and seeing the sites. Lots of Scottish heritage in this area, which was pleasing to me as I do love kilts (and can’t wait to get the Shaw Clan Tartan):

Shaw Ancient Tartan

Shaw Ancient Tartan

We also wandered around Halifax, doing a bit of shopping, supporting both my nerd habit and Jana’s fiber (as in fibers for spinning) habit at local shops. I picked up the Demonomicon since one of the new demon Oublivae was created by a friend who I used to game with. I earned some nerd points with the store staff as well, which is always pleasant.

Hmm, we ate lots of great vegan food and then were off to the wedding in New Brunwick. The wedding was awesome, having a bit of a carnival theme to it, complete with yard games such as croquet and a kissing booth, as well as late night popcorn and mini donuts. Jana and I stuck around as late as possible, but still headed out before midnight, but the party was still going strong.
In Moncton of all places, we discovered amazing food at a restaurant called Calactus Cafe and were super excited we did. Not only were the extremely vegan friendly, their portions were huge and delicious. I had their Big Marc burger with fried potatoes, caesar salad, split pea soup, and a brownie for dessert, while Jana opted for the Taj Mahali Thali and a generous glass of organic red wine. The food knocked our socks off and we were two extremely full and equally happy customers by the time we left. Hell, we liked it so much, we went back for a late lunch the next day! Jana even ordered the same meal, while I opted for the Oaxaca Deep Dish, which was a Mexican flared meal of black beans, veggies, rice and a yummy red sauce all baked up nice and hot. This place can not be recommended highly enough!
We also visited Peggy’s Cove while in Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, but this post is long enough as is, without going into all of the details. Suffice to say, it was a wonderful trip and we are both looking forward to visiting Jenna and Alex, and the east coast again soon.

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