Feb 14

Vegan Chocolates from Rescue Chocolates & Kakayo

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My girlfriend surprised the hell out of me with some early Valentine’s Day vegan goodies. I’d had a rough week last week, so she gave me the first bits a few days early in the form of three offerings from Rescue Chocolates. She’d already informed me that she ordered one of each of their products a few weeks back and we were both excited that they were willing to ship them specially for us since they normally use UPS but we let them know that UPS charges duty fees on items shipped to Canada, so those fees would make their already pricey chocolates downright ludicrous. Anyhow, Jana and I shared the Peanut Butter Pit Bull the night they arrived and it was divine. I’m a huge fan of chocolate and peanut butter, and this bar takes it one step farther by making it a little crispy, similar to those peanut butter wafers you can get at truck stops. I had to slow down while eating it so that I could really savor it despite wanting to just devour it! We’ve also made our way through the Bow Wow Bon Bons and I must say that the peanut butter and jelly one was my favorite. I’m saving the Pick Me! Pepper bar until my Kakayo Chocolates are gone.

Last year, Jana found that Kakayo Chocolates located right here in Toronto has a line of organic, fair trade, vegan truffles and was nice enough to order me a sampler box of them. The presentation is amazing! They come in a wooden box with the company logo burned into the lid. Once the lid is off, the truffles are wrapped gently in tissue paper and each in their own little cupcake liners. Very nice. Their vegan line is small but delicious; Almond Ganache, Banana Split, Chai Masala, Marzipan Delight, and Orange Confi. They also give you a discount if you reuse the box!

Both of these companies deserve your business for going above and beyond to provide top quality products with strong ethics. Rescue Chocolates donates 100% of their net profits to organizations dedicated to rescuing animals, so not only do you get the pleasure of eating cruelty-free tasty treats, you know that some of your money is going back to continue saving animals from cruelty. Win win! Kakayo is great because they are local (for me) and being sensitive to those of us with alternative diets by offering vegan, gluten free and sugar free options, all of which are fair trade and organic. Kudos to both of you!

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